Transfer hydrogenation of olive oil

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Comparatively Speaking: Natural vs. Hydrogenated Butters

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Castor Oil and its Chemistry CasChem supplies a variety of castor oil grades whose uses are dictated by acid value, moisture level, color and purity. Objective: The purpose of this lab was to use transfer hydrogenation to saturate glycerol trioleate (the main fat in olive oil) to produce glycerol tristearate.

Unfiltered olive oil has small bits of olive in it. When the oil is heated these bits will burn and smoke before the oil itself. A well-filtered or clarified oil will have a higher smoke point generally.

But in any case, the amount of hydrogenation is miniscule and no home cook would ever experience this problem. Hydrogenated coconut oil is not the same as natural coconut oil.

Hydrogenation is a process wherein “unsaturated” fatty acids are changed into more “saturated” fatty acids. Vegetable oils are heated to high temperatures and bombarded with hydrogen atoms to make them less prone to spoilage.

Monounsaturated fat — found in olive, peanut and canola oils — is a healthier option than is saturated fat. Nuts, fish and other foods containing unsaturated omega-3.

Transfer hydrogenation

Olive oil is an oil that is derived from the olive fruit, which is a traditional crop of the Mediterranean Basin. Olive oil is used in cooking, pharmaceuticals, soaps, fuel, and cosmetics.

Transfer hydrogenation of olive oil
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