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Thoughts on the Moral Argument I. ‘Objective Moral Values Exist’.

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I understand that moral values can be good if they are based on good assumptions, but the normativity itself must have a fantastic grounding for it to make any other. In conclusion, values are unique to each and every individual. Though individuals can certainly share values, there is no guarantee that all of an individual’s values overlap with another’s.

Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to their. Thoughts On Moral Values quotes - 1. Good moral values are mostly molded from a place where love, faith and hope exist. Read more quotes and sayings about Thoughts On Moral Values. The topic of moral values comes up often in Christian apologetics.

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For example, Christians will argue that atheists cannot account for moral values or that the moral relativism associated with postmodernism is somehow self-defeating. These moral emotions are said to be linked to moral development because they are evidence and reflective of an individual’s set of moral values, which must have undergone through the process of internalization in the first place (Kochanska & Thompson, ).

Chapter 3: Values and Morals: Guidelines for Living Therefore, we start with a chapter on values, morals, life goals, aspirations, dreams, wanna-bes, etc. Moral philosophy is hard thought about right action. -Socrates Goodness without knowledge is weak; knowledge without goodness is.

What many discussions about morals and ethics have in common is a focus on certain values. Tara points out, 'Values are aspects of life that we consider important and worthwhile. For instance.

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Scrupulosity: When OCD Targets Your Religious and Moral Values