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You can save articles, manage email alerts, and easy revisit frequent searches. The sport and fitness management industry offers many career options, including sports marketer, sports agent, fitness trainer, or health club manager.

The Health, Wellness and Fitness program will prepare you to enter the healthcare arena as a preventative healthcare worker. You'll become knowledgeable about the causes of the major controllable health care issues in society today as well as those we face in the future.

By earning a Master’s degree in Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Studies, or Sports Health and Fitness with an emphasis in Personal Training, you will be able to study a specific area of sport while learning the fundamentals of personal training, allowing you to gain the skills necessary to work one-on-one with any population, from.

Aquatics, Child Care, Youth Education & Leadership, Sports & Fitness, Camp – for individuals & families. The Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health. This major prepares students to succeed in leadership positions in the sport industry (recreational to professional, youth to adult) by providing them with knowledge and skills to critically analyze and innovatively engage in the business and culture of sport.

Health fitness leadership sports
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