Gcse history revision notes germany

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In the History section we cover 5 areas. These are: The Treaty of Versailles, The League of Nations, The Weimar, Nazi Germany and The Cold War. GCSE Revision. Welcome to the StudyWise GCSE Revision Page. Find GCSE Revision Resources covering Edexcel, AQA and OCR for a range of subjects including: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Religious Studies and more.

WJEC GCSE History Unit 2: Germany REVISION GUIDE Monday (pm) 2nd June.

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The rise of the Nazi Party and its consolidation of power • The weaknesses of the Weimar Republic • The emergence of the Nazi Party • The effects of the Munich Putsch • The development of the Nazi Party Not everybody was happy with Germany being a democratic country and they didn’t like the way Weimar Germany was being run by Ebert.

The Spartacist Revolution January In Januarythe German communist party (the Spartacists) decided that they wanted to take over Germany from Ebert. They started a revolution attempt on 6th.

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A 47 page revision booklet on the Anglo-Saxon and Norman England unit for Edexcel History GCSE.2 Includes model answers for all question types and detailed notes designed to help pupils achieve the highest grades at GCSE.

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Gcse history revision notes germany
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Germany - Revision Notes in GCSE History