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ESPChat/Golden Girl

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~Meet Golden Girl~

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the golden girl is currently offline. Home Photo Gallery Video Section Messages Games Request Photo Guestbook Get Full Access! There are currently photos and videos Left Right. Latest News. Happy Easter Holidays xxx. Posted by thegoldengirl at pm 16/4/ Happy Easter Holidays!

The Golden Girl is a Chicago based Fashion blog covering various topics including Style, Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle, Recipes, Holiday, Food & Drinks reviews and more! Yesterday, i signed up with espchat, and made an appointment with golden girl for the 17th, nov. @11am., and was charged $ 95 for a year's subscription with golden girl.

Today, i cannot login or access their website, nor able to contact golden girl. I have not heard from Ratings: I was also told to pay $24 a year to get remaining answers concerning job with a promise for other services.

Golden Girl also requested I join the inner circle of and buy a silver pendant which would enable her use her sensory powers to connect with me.

Which "Golden Girl" Are You? Cut yourself a slice of cheesecake and take this quiz. Posted on March 07,GMT Louis Peitzman. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Share On facebook. I was told to pay $ to precess on with my readings from her (goldengirl) and right after I send my payment of $ I have not recieved anything from her an I can't get incontact with this lady that is really sad how these people use people that are having a hard time in life an they are taking from us what little money we have.

Espchat golden girl
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Which "Golden Girl" Are You?