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We have explained the basic folder structure of Drupal 8 theme in one of previous blog post - understanding-of-drupaltheming. Provides alternate named suggestions for a specific theme hook. This hook allows modules to provide alternative theme function or template name suggestions.

These file names are called “drupal template” and there is a standard set of these suggestions built into Drupal and listed in the documentation as Drupal Template Suggestions(drupal theme hook). The Drupal 8 theme layer Theme engines The old theme layer PHPTemplate Twig From Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 6.

Theme Hooks and Theme Hook Suggestions Theme Hooks And Theme Hook Suggestions. With Drupal 8 and Twig debug, being able to just view the source of the page and see where this chunk of code is coming from, this is which template is being used, these are the theme hooks suggestions, these are the template names you could use - it's just right there, it's just brilliant to have that.

I’ve created a custom page template but for some reason it’s not being picked up by Drupal. I’ve cleared my cache and also tried adding this preprocessor function in the theme.

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