Customs import procedure

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5 Basic Steps on How To Import

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Customs Clearance - Procedure 42

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Section C – Customs Procedure Codes

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How to import procedure and documentation is very useful to me as import processor. Pls email me for the July 25, schedule I’m interested to attend tnx. customs procedure codes It is to be recalled that In ASYCUDA V we have created many CPC in line with the regime codes for the statistical information and special tax calculation, in ASYCUDA ++ the former standard is replaced by the new accepted.

Customs Import Procedures Manual “ Customs representative” means any person appointed by another person to carry out the acts and formalities required under the customs legislation in his or her. Customs procedure code is a seven digit long code that helps you to basically identify: Where the goods are coming from.


Whether the goods are going to stay permanently or temporarily. Circular no//TT-BTC Stipulating the customs procedure for mails, packages or parcels of goods exported or imported through postal services provided by authorized enterprises Circular no//TT-BTC On customs procedures, customs supervision and inspection, export tax, import tax, and tax administration applied to exported and imported.

Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tariffs and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal, and hazardous items, into and out of a country.

The movement of people into and out of a country is normally monitored by migration authorities, under a variety of names and arrangements.

Customs Procedure for Export. Customs import procedure
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